Morning after the night before..

Such a beautiful glum morning and I don’t feel like getting up to enjoy this day. I want to stay in bed and write until I’m emptied out.

I got up though and made the bed, brushed my teeth and washed my face, but I don’t want to bath or get dressed. I want to take a blanket and lay around in my pj’s on the couch. Mom’s cooking up a storm and I don’t want to help her either.(So unlike me)

I doubt my mood has anything to do with my disorder or that idiot who keeps making me angry. Who claims to miss me (which is bullshit) and wants to talk at the weirdest of times, like right in the middle of my pool game with a friend.
But it can’t be that, because afterwards I still hung out with my friends, we had a lovely time at the Woodsman Pub and I only got into bed around 2:30 am.

I also can’t blame how I feel on the weather; these are my favourite kind of days, cool, dark, quiet and eerie and I slept late so I’m not tired either. Tyler is here and jumping on my bed, right next to me. He wants to play Tekken but the only hand I want to use is the one that’s typing right now..

I don’t know what’s up and I don’t really care because I am definitely not depressed. I might just be bored?


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