You, me and a beach hut..

I want to live simply and blissfully.. I want not to be governed by anything other than my heart and soul.
I picture us having a beautiful little beach hut somewhere in Taipei, Hualien or Taitung. We would wake up smiling everyday and go about our routine because we would be loving what we are doing. We won’t be bound by any of the shackles that people impose upon themselves, trivial things like money and time. We’ll be chasing happiness instead of riches.
I’d go to school and come home to grade my papers or whatever else I’d need to do. You’d be at work, chasing your own dreams and doing what makes you the happiest man on earth.
Late in the afternoon after I’d already finished cooking, I’d read classic novels in our hammock, overlooking the crystal clear ocean and pearly beach.
We would eat and live healthily, keeping our bodies and minds fit. We would do nothing that would upset our spirituality. We’ll spend a lot of time together in the kitchen, deciding what to make as our next meal and you’ll help me cook and clean our little piece of heaven on earth.
You would teach me how to dive and surf. We’ll get matching tattoos, like crazy couples do. We’ll be happy boo, because that is all that really matters.
On weekends we would explore the beauty of Taiwan’s coastal as well as inland towns. We would learn and embrace the culture and traditions of our new country and become richer in spirit.

On rainy days we wouldn’t have to get out of bed until our bodies are ready.. I’ll make you breakfast and later I’d sit by the window reading you the works of great men like Keats, Shelley or Neruda. Or we’ll sit quietly and listen to the sound of the rain in front of our fireplace.
We’ll discuss philosophy, cars, technology and whatever else we find interesting. And some nights I’ll kick your ass at Tekken or FIFA on the Xbox 🙂 because we both know I’m the baddest boss bitch.

We would be happy, very happy, because we wouldn’t be dating… And romantic relationships suck!


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