Ramadan Mubarak

My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, may you have a blessed month of fasting. I trust that every detail of planning is set in place in other households, I am alone this year, so things are going a bit slow. Even waking up for Suhoor this morning was difficult, but I did anyway after first praying for strength to get up. This new town is cold, but I survived this far.😊 I trust Iftar will go smoothly tonight. I’ll just be preparing a small meal and invite my Christian neighbors over.
Apart from my busy schedule as a Science and Language teacher, and my own personal studies, there is always time to turn to God who has made me and grants me mercy every day.
My prayer this Ramadan is that we go into this month with peace in our hearts and sabr (patience), especially with those who are ignorant of our ways. Let us inform and teach them the truth.
May Allah(SWT) grant us peace in our hearts and may He make our burdens lighter. May we make sincere dua for one another, not forgetting even the ones who have done us wrong, for Allah leaves no prayer of His servants unanswered.
May we increase in Imaan and not forget to repent of our wrongdoings. May the Almighty mend what is broken inside us, heal our ailments, enlighten what is dark in us and grant us mercy and forgiveness. For Allah alone is All Merciful and All Powerful. May He make it easier for us to draw closer to Him this Ramadan.

May you all be blessed Insha’Allah


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