My love, my rock, my hero

Mom always said I need a strong man in my life.. Not someone who is only physically strong, but also intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.. So that I am unable to break his spirit or walk all over him with my bombarding personality.
Someone who says”No!” and I immediately accept, who has the balls to put me in my place whenever I am out of line (which is most of the time). A man who is my intellectual equal, with whom I can have decent conversations and possibly raise supercomputers as children..
A man who can handle me (and my explosive bipolar) without trying to control me. Someone I can fully respect, rely on, trust and put my faith in..
I always thought it would be impossible to find such a person..
Then God brought this person into my life, when I least expected (or even wanted) it. Serendipity I believe.. I was not even ready for it but only He knows His plan for our lives.
I have found my equal – he is stubborn as hell and drives me insane at times – but I am actually, really happy. I have found my “Happy Place” and it’s with you..


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